Pick 2 Results NLCB In Trinidad & Tobago

 Pick 2 Results NLCB for today have announced the winning numbers after the draws in the Trinidad and Tobago of Monday-Satureday. These draws occur daily at 10 AM,1 PM, 4 PM, and 7 PM respectively except Sunday. These results have been picked from the online stream of officials and are accurate with guarantee. But please note that this is not the official website of NLCB.

 Pick 2 Results NLCB For Today: 02 June 2023


Draw # 22038

23 36 WB


Draw #22039

12 32 WB


Draw #22040

20 05 MB


Draw #22041

How to play NLCB PICK 2?

nlcb pick 2

NLCB PICK 2 Form has three panels named Panel A, B, and C respectively. Each panel has two sections First and Second, having numbers 1-36 each. You can pick one number for a bet from each section. For random pick, you have to mark the Quick pick option below and it will
pick two numbers for you.

Set the amount of bet on the left side of the panel. Select the Day and time of the draw or by marking option (ALL), you will be participating in all draws of that day. In case of any mistake mark the void box below. To invert the order of two numbers, mark the reverse option below.
Use a Blue or Black Pencil while marking, don,t use a Red pencil.

NLCB Pick 2 Prize Categories and Odds

NLCB pick 2 prizes are categorized into three simple rules. The following points will explain these rules,

  •  For a 5$ bet win 2000$, for this, your winning two numbers must be matching the actual arrangement. For Example
Wager Match in Order Win
$5 2 numbers $2,000
$10 2 numbers $4,000
  • Win 200$ for only a 5$ bet, for this your winning two numbers must match in opposite arrangements. For Example
Wager Match Opposite Order Win
$5 2 numbers $200
$10 2 numbers $400
  • Win 30$ by betting 5$ but for this prize, your one winning number must match in actual arrangement. For Example
Wager Match in Order Win
$5 1 number $30
$10 1 number $60

Hot And Cold Numbers

Hot numbers refer to the numbers that have been drawn frequently in recent draws, while cold numbers refer to the numbers that have been drawn less frequently or not at all. Some players use this information to make their number selections, believing that hot numbers are more likely to be drawn again, while cold numbers are due for a win. However, it is important to note that lottery games are still games of chance, and there is no guaranteed way to predict the winning numbers.


Claim Your Prizes For Pick 2

The NLCB Pick 2 Results prize can be claimed 180 days after the draw. The agent of NLCB can pay up to 5600$  prize or less than this and the payout of more than this amount can only be claimed by the National Lottery Control Board.

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 What is the full form of NLCB?

NLCB is the abbreviation of the National Lottery Control Board.

What is Bonus Ball?

Play whe mega bonus ball will give you an extra 36$ or more on every 1$ bet.