Play Whe Results NLCB Trinidad & Tobago

NLCB Play Whe Results for today have announced the winning numbers after the draws in the Trinidad and Tobago of Monday-Satureday. These draws occur daily at 10-30 AM,1 PM, 4 PM, and 7 PM except Sunday.

These results have been picked from the online stream of officials and are accurate with guarantee. But please note that this is not the official website of NLCB.

Play Whe Results for Today: 02 June 2023


Draw #23266





Draw #23267





Draw #23268





Draw #23269

NLCB Play Whe Previous Result

Date Morning Midday Afternoon Evening
20-May 35 19 30 18
19-May 02 33 15 16
18-May 35 09 06 25
17-May 32 01 16 01
16-May 28 30 29 23
15-May 14 25 02 20
13-May 13 35 16 04

How To Play NLCB Play WHE?

nlcb pannelsNLCB play whe consists of 5 sheets named Panel A, B, C, D, and, E respectively. Each panel has three sections, the first section shows you the day’s name, the second section shows you the price, and the last section has numbers 1-36. You can select the day of the lottery then price and encircle one number with a pencil. Don,t use a Red Pencil.

In case of a mistake please tick the VOID box below. There is also an option of auto pick, if u want to do so then tick the Quick Pick option below, it will randomly pick one number for you. You can also play your picked number for more than one draw, for that you have to choose one option on the left side of the sheet below the days. These options with detail are given below,

  • (ALL)l for All draws
  • (MOR) for morning draws only
  • (MID) for only midday draws
  • (AFT) for afternoon draws only
  • (EVE) For only evening draws

The NLCB Play Whe Charts

Play whe chart

Here is the NLCB’s  Play Whe Results  Chart with numbers and their association,

Numbers Marks Numbers Marks
1 Centipede 19 Horse
2 Old Lady 20 Dog
3 Carriage 21 Mouth
4 Dead Man 22 Rat
5 Parson Man 23 House
6 Belly 24 Queen
7 Hog 25 Morrocoy
8 Tiger 26 Fowl
9 Cattle 27 Little Snake
10 Monkey 28 Red Fish
11 Corbeau 29 Opium Man
12 King 30 House Cat
13 Crapaud 31 Parson Wife
14 Money 32 Shrimp
15 Sick Woman 33 Spider
16 Jamette 34 Blind Man
17 Pigeon 35 Big Snake
18 Water Boat 36 Donkey

The NLCB Play Whe 1 to 10 Line Chart

The NLCB Play whe comes with an interesting rule. The rule for digits from 1-9 is that every digit is linked with some two-digit numbers and the combination of that two-digit numbers makes a digit between 1-9 that can also be played for the corresponding digit.


For example for digit 5, the rule is

14: 1+4=5
23: 2+3=5
32: 3+2=5

The digit 5 is associated with 14,23 and 32 because the sum of these digits makes 5. This rule is applicable to other digits that meet conditions like
digit 5. The following charts will show you all the digits with linked digits,

1 10,19
2 11,20
3 12,21,30
4 13,22,31
5 14,23,32
6 15,24,33
7 16,25,34
8 17,26,35
9 18,27,36

Win and Collect Trinidad and Tobago Play Whe Prizes

National Lotteries Control Board distributes prizes to the lucky winners of the draw. For prize collection, your number must be the winning number of the lucky draw. The payout amount is 26$ for every 1$ bet.This payout can go high during the promotion. The winning numbers are drawn daily, and players can win different prizes depending on the type of bet they placed and the number of numbers they matched.


The prize can be claimed 180 days after the draw. The agent of NLCB can pay up to $5600 in prize money; however, payouts exceeding this amount can only be claimed by the National Lottery Control Board.


When do the draws take place?

The draws take place from Monday to Saturday four times a day at 10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM, and 4 PM respectively.

Can we play Play when online?

Yes, you can play it online, no matter where you belong from, Just follow its rules and you can participate in this lucky draw.

What is the prize for Play Whe?

The prize for Play Whe lucky draw is $26 for every $1 bet; however, this amount can increase during the promotion.